Engineering, Scientific and Technical Support Services

SCMI1 provides highly capable engineering, scientific, and technical professionals for applications in engineering or basic and applied research. SCMI1 professionals perform advanced development of hardware and software for testing and engineering development, systems development and systems testing.

Our Engineering, Scientific and Technical Support Services include:

  • Process and Product Development and Improvement
  • Test plans and procedures and product testing
  • Requirements Analysis, Design, and Specification
  • Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Technician Support
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Technical report preparation
  • Document review
  • Engineering Project Management / Field coordination
  • Design and Drafting via CAD / CAM & CATIA
  • Configuration Management
  • Engineering Database Management
  • Value Engineering programs
  • Prototype design, development, manufacture and evaluation
  • Test Program Sets (TPS) development, test and evaluation
  • Fabrication and Machining Support
SCMI1 Engineering and Technical Support Services
SCMI1 Program and Project Management Support Services

Program and Project Management Support

SCMI1's Program and Project Management services include:

  • Support customer programs utilizing project management procedures to ensure effective use of management tools in planning, scheduling, organizing and controlling all program activities
  • Responsible for formulating program policy
  • Interface between Corporate Executive Management and Program
  • Technical / Administrative coordination of operating organizations
  • Coordination and implementation of controls to attain goals in the area of cost and schedule
  • Data management and analysis
  • Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Cost Engineering
  • Training Development and Delivery

Administrative, Business, and Financial Support Services

SCMI1 offers a complete range of Administrative, Business, and Financial Support Services, including:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Education and Training Support
  • Administrative and Personnel Assistants
  • Office Management
  • Travel Management
  • Clerical - Office, Filing, Mail, Data Entry
  • Customer Service / Help Desk / Call Center Support
  • Adjudication / Security / FOIA Support
  • Receptionists / Secretarial Support
  • Marketing / Sales Representatives
  • Documentation and Record Management
  • Library Management
  • Acquisition and Contract Support
  • Finance / Accounting / Bookkeeping Support
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Specialized Services
SCMI1 Administrative Support Services
SCMI1 Staffing and Talent Acquisition Services

Staffing, Talent Acquisition and Management

As a full service provider, SCMI1 supports your staffing and contingent labor requirements - when you want and where you want it, whether single or multiple resources, worldwide - by providing the right resources cost-effectively and on-time.

SCMI1 supports its customers by providing professionals (permanent, temporary, as required, temp- to-hire, on-demand, contingent) in over 50 US States and 40 countries with skills including:

  • Engineering
  • Quality - Quality Management, QA, QC, Inspection, Audit, Surveillance
  • Management
  • Healthcare, Medical / Patient Administration Support, Pharmaceutical
  • Information Technology, Software Development, Cybersecurity
  • Project / Program Management and Coordination
  • Finance / Banking
  • Construction Management
  • Training, Technical Writing
  • Contracting and Procurement
  • Supply Chain Support
  • Consultants
  • Administrative, Clerical, and Customer Service Support
  • Safety and Security

Healthcare Support Services

SCMI1’s diverse range of service offerings for the Healthcare industry include support services for:

  • Medical / Patient Administration Support
  • Medical Data Entry and Reporting, Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems Support
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Call Center and Telephone Support
  • Health Facility Construction and Management
  • Medical Benefit Analysis and Review
  • Healthcare IT and Analysis
  • Medical Records Administration and Analysis
  • Biomedical Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • Medical Education / Training Support
  • Healthcare staffing services including Customer Service Representatives, Patient Access Representatives, Patient Account Representatives, Remote Coding Specialists, Claims Specialists, Finance Management, Pharmacy Coordinators, Reimbursement Analysts, Clinical Supervisors, Front Office Assistances, Healthcare Administrators, Patient Care Coordinators, Human Resources Specialists
SCMI1 Healthcare Support Services
SCMI1 Construction Management Support Services

Facility, Engineering, and Construction Management

SCMI1 provides a range of Facility, Engineering, Construction Management, Administration, and QA support services, including:

  • Constructability review, review of vendor certificates, recertification process, expediting, right of way, construction management
  • Records Management - Quality records, closeout records, change management
  • Inspection, QA / QC, testing, verification requirements, work instructions, checklists
  • Audit of contractor QA / QC / QMS, surveillance plan, site surveys
  • Compliance / Verification / Review Contract / requirements versus deliveries, cost and schedule support, compliance with company/international standards
  • Valuation, due diligence, work plans and work packages
  • Expediting / verification of contractor schedule and progress, time and budget / cost overrun, estimation guidelines, EVA, contractor provided documentation, reports, drawings - as built/as installed/as contracted
  • Data/document/information transfer from the contractor, fabricator, subcontractor to the project team
  • Compliance with local/international codes and standards, contractual agreement, specifications, designs
  • Incident investigation, training, follow-up, emergency procedures, contingency control
  • Manpower utilization planning, resource management, material / inventory review
  • Vendor engineering deliverables, receiving inspection / inventory verification, material control

Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Support

SCMI1 provides a range of Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations (COOP) technical expertise, assistance, and program delivery support, including:

  • Emergency management technical expertise, assistance, and program delivery support
  • Development and implementation of emergency management standards, regulations, practices, training, and procedures to identify, minimize or eliminate hazards and threats
  • Development and preparation of emergency management policies and plans, procedures, and risk assessment
  • Assessing, inspecting, and evaluating emergency management processes, plans, standard operating procedures, or guidance for compliance with established emergency management directives, regulations, policies, civil rights laws, standards, and guidance
  • Technical advice on preparedness and response activities associated with natural and/or man-made disasters
  • Implementation of programs to engage all stakeholders in reducing the frequency, severity, and cost of disasters, injuries, fatalities, and impact on critical infrastructure and the environment
  • Providing and coordinating emergency response and preparedness training, exercises, and assistance
  • Analysis, review, and implementation activities supporting Continuity of Operations, Continuity of Government, occupant emergency, and contingency planning
SCMI1 Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Support Services

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